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Ep 31: How To Pick The Right Advisor

A lot of concern goes into trying to pick the proper investments, build a balanced portfolio, and getting the highest return. But how much time have you really put into finding the right advisor to work together with on all these tasks and more? You might be surprised to find out that a lot of people don’t do their due diligence or put in a considerable amount of thought into picking their advisor. And ultimately, that leads a lot of people to not understanding what they should expect from such a relationship. So, we want to clear some of that up on this episode and clarify some of the ways you can evaluate your current advisor relationship and how to shop for, and find, the right advisor for you.

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Ep 21: Lessons From Keyboard Warriors

We were playing the dangerous game of perusing the comments section of a recent article about COVID-19 and the impacts on retirees and how much money you’ll need to retire going forward. The trip into the comments section is always a mixed bag of trolling, inaccuracies, and sometimes surprisingly helpful insight from what we’ve come to describe as “Keyboard Warriors.” So, let’s look at some of the sentiments found under this recent article and see if they resonate with how others truly see the financial world, retirement, and how to best prepare for it all.

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Ep 19: Should You Be Wary Of Some Of Dave Ramsey’s Advice?

Dave Ramsey has earned a lot of respect among savers and investors over the years as evidenced by his enormously popular radio show, books and sold out performance venues when he speaks. But is all of his advice worth following? Is it possible that some of the things he professes will actually hurt you financially? Let’s take a look at some of Dave’s most popular advice and see if and when it makes sense for retirees and pre-retirees to disagree.

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Ep 18: Best Intentions, Bad Advice

We were planning to bring up this conversation before the Coronavirus pandemic hit, but now it just makes it even more important to discuss. You likely seek financial advice from lots of difference sources. And some of those sources will certainly have good intentions, but they’ll often give bad financial advice. Let’s look at some examples and explore the reasons why we have to be very careful from whom we’re taking this important guidance.

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