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5 Ways To Resolve Financial Tension Between Couples

Money can't buy love, but it can certainly start some spicy debates between you and your better half. In this episode, we're digging into the financial face-offs that make Monopoly fights look like child's play and exploring some money minefields that can test even the most solid relationships. Listen in as we explore how to resolve some of the most common financial sources of tension between couples in retirement.

3 Ways To Gain Financial Independence

Celebrate the spirit of the month with our latest episode as we tackle the concept of financial independence. While the American colonists fought for freedom from British rule, Lee is here to discuss what you’re striving to be independent from in your retirement. We’ll unveil the common foes you’ll face on the journey. And good news, no muskets required for these battles!

Is A Buffer ETF Strategy Right For You?

Everybody wants to make money, but nobody wants to lose it. In today's episode, Lee discusses a specific investment strategy that aims to limit downside risk while offering attractive upside potential. This strategy, known as a Defined Outcome ETF or Buffered ETF strategy, provides a unique approach to investing, especially in uncertain times like the current economic environment.

Why You Should NOT Invest In A 401(k)

Don’t get us wrong. In many cases, your 401(k) can be your best investment vehicle, offering numerous benefits and tax advantages and many times a 100% return on some of your contributions (also known as an employer match). However, it's important to recognize that it might not always be the optimal choice for everyone. Join us in this thought-provoking episode as we dissect some reasons why someone should NOT invest in a 401(k).

The Talk That Could Save Your Family

In today’s episode, Lee will talk about one of the most important discussions you should have with your family once you enter the fourth quarter of your life. Although talking about what will happen to your money and possessions once you pass away can be uncomfortable, this conversation is critical. Doing so has the potential to preserve and safeguard the bonds within your family and avoid unnecessary heartache and confusion.

Bad Money Habits Could Spoil Your Retirement Party

Picture this: You're at your retirement party, finally ready to enjoy your golden years, but worries caused by some bad money habits have robbed you of fully enjoying the sweetness of the day. It happens to more people than you think, which is unfortunate because with just a little bit of modification, you can rid some of the worst money habits from your life and set yourself up for retirement success.

Debt Ceiling and Political Theater

Recently, the media has been flooded with information about the debt ceiling issues, fueling fears and speculation. However, it's important to recognize this as political theater, with each side playing their role and blaming the other. In this episode, Lee dives into the reality behind the scenes, reminding you that this is not a unique event and that the debt ceiling has been raised numerous times in the past.

Financial Decisions During 7 Pivotal Life Events

Are you ready to take control of your finances during life's most pivotal moments? In this episode, we dive into the complex world of financial decision-making during key life events. From the excitement of marriage and the joy of welcoming a new child to the challenges of divorce and the loss of a loved one, we'll provide practical tips and guidance to help you make informed decisions and maintain financial stability.

Ep 110: Is the TSP the G.O.A.T. of Retirement Plans?

Is the TSP, also known as the Thrift Savings Plan, truly the greatest investment platform of all time? There are a lot of people that would answer yes to this question, so in today’s episode, we’ll explore any potential shortcomings it may have. Specifically, we will dive into a recent conversation between Lee and a client who had their funds in a TSP.

Ep 109: Retiring With Honors: Financial Planning Lessons From The Classroom

From time to time, we like to look at issues faced by people in other professions outside of the financial world and see what kind of retirement planning lessons we can learn from them. In today’s episode, we’re seeing what we can learn from teachers and the issues they face. Let’s look at how homework, standardized testing, and customized learning approaches relate to financial planning.

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