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Episode Show Notes

Ep 44: So What You Really Meant Was…

June 17, 2021

Some people in the financial world speak in code. It’s important for you to learn how to crack that code. Let’s look at a few examples of what you’ll hear someone say, but breakdown what they really meant.

Ep 43: Listening To The Money Doctor

June 3, 2021

If we take a look at the world of medicine, we can learn some valuable lessons that can be applied to your financial life.

Ep 42: How Long Will Your Money Last? Let’s Run The Numbers

May 20, 2021

If you had a million dollars, how long would it last you in retirement? How drastically does that longevity change if you move to a bigger/smaller city? We’ll take a look at some stats from various areas across the country to show how difficult it is to make your money last in some areas, and how easy it might be in others.

Ep 41: Are You Flirtin’ With Disaster?

May 6, 2021

Let’s talk about some of the areas of your financial life where you might be flirtin’ with disaster and don’t even know it on today’s show.

Ep 40: Lessons We Can Learn from the Richest Musicians

April 15, 2021

Let’s look at some of the richest people in the music industry and see what lessons we can learn from them that we can apply to our own retirement planning.

Ep 39: This is Why You Never Assume

April 1, 2021

You don’t want to make an assumption when it comes to your money and retirement. Instead, learn how to take control of your finances rather than hoping things fall into place on their own.

Ep 38: Understanding Risk

March 18, 2021

With threats like rising interest rates and inflation, Lee discusses many of the risks that can come with your financials as you approach retirement. Don’t wait until it’s too late, protect yourself now from these risks.

Ep 37: How Women Can Make Sure They’re Involved In Financial Decisions

March 4, 2021

A recent survey found that nearly half of the female respondents said they defer major financial and investment decisions to their spouses. Most of the explanations amounted to just wanting to stick their heads in the sand. They want to just know they’re taken care of, but not get mired in the minutia. But we’ve heard countless stories of why this is a bad idea because one day you might become the lead decision maker. On this episode, let’s go over some tips for how women can get back in the game when it comes to involvement in the process of making financial decisions.

Ep 36: Prospering In Retirement With Susan & Larry Johnson

February 18, 2021

We sit down with Susan and Larry Johnson on today’s show. They have been married for almost 40 years and are making the most out of their retirement. The couple has traveled extensively, so Lee asks them some questions about their traveling experiences as well as how they’ve felt about retirement so far.

Ep 35: Where My Financial Knowledge Comes From

February 4, 2021

Have you ever stopped to think about your journey of learning all that you have about money and finances?


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