Helping people sort thru the clutter of the financial services industry

About Lee Perkins

Lee Perkins is the president and founder of JL Perkins Wealth Management, a Registered Investment Advisor firm. In addition, he is an Investment Advisor Representative and is a licensed fiduciary.

Lee was born and raised in Macon and takes pride that he doesn’t do business the “Wall Street way.” His focus is on planning for his clients instead of the product-driven approach some other advisors take. Lee believes proper planning is crucial to a successful retirement. His passion is to develop solid financial plans for his clients that prepare them for a long retirement. Lee is well-recognized in the community and has established a reputation as a problem-solver who builds personal relationships with his clients. He also helps mentor other independent advisors to help them grow their business the right way.

Lee graduated from Georgia College in 1993. He has passed the Series 63 and 66 securities exams and is also insurance licensed. Lee lives in Macon with his wife, Pam, and their two children.

One of the main reasons that people don’t people don’t implement plans in retirement is because they are overwhelmed by the amount of information that is available.

Not knowing what’s really important leads people to inaction and the financial media is responsible for much of the confusion. So called experts are in front of us 24/7 giving us their opinions on everything. Mostly their predictions of what the stock market is going to do and how you can buy whatever it is that they are selling. Product pushers and market gurus are everywhere, and that leads to more confusion. Many of these so called “experts” will even tell you they can predict what the stock market will do. No one can predict the stock market.

Our goal is to help you sift through the noise and provide clarity and simplicity when life gets complicated. We want to provide proper perspective on things in a world that is filled with confusion and chaos. We understand that focus and discipline are key ingredients to long term success, not market timing and hot stock tips.

We are very selective about who we choose to work with. In fact, many times we tell people they don’t need our help. We understand that we are not a good fit for everyone. This level of transparency is rare in our industry.

Our clients worked hard to save for retirement and want to know that they are covering all the bases. They want to make sure their money works to provide the lifestyle they want when they enter the next phase of their lives. That’s exactly what we help our clients achieve. Our clients also love our country, but they don’t want to tip the IRS. This is why most are eager to address their long term tax liability and only pay what they owe, and not a dime more.