Welcome back to My Retirement Clarity! This week, we’re diving into the listener mailbag to answer your questions. We’re covering a variety of topics today, many of which get asked in the office quite often. From investing in your grandkid’s college fund to how much to spend on a forever home, this episode is sure to have a takeaway for everyone.

Chris asks if he should take money out of his 401k to pay off the rest of his truck and be debt free. Randall asks about some potential pitfalls he could encounter if he tried to tackle financial planning without the help of an advisor. See what Lee has to say to these listeners and what else you can learn!

Here are a few of the questions we answer in this episode:

  • I’d like to start investing for my grandchildren. Should I set up a 529 plan for them or invest on my own and give them the money when they go to school?
  • How much is too much to spend on our forever home in retirement?
  • My husband died 15 years ago and I’m thinking about moving in with my boyfriend, but it makes me nervous to think about selling my house and combining finances. How do you advise people in a situation like this?
  • I’ve talked with a few different advisors about how they get paid, and it sounds like they all have completely different models. Are there this many different fee structures or does everyone just explain it differently?

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