This week, we’re switching things up to talk about a very important topic: health and wellness! Join us as we sit down with the inspiring health and wellness expert, Lizzie Gossett, who has played a vital role in helping Lee lose an incredible 34 pounds in 3 months. We’re excited to have her on the podcast today to share her insights on prioritizing and maintaining your health.

Tune in as Lizzie shares her personal transformation story with us and how this led her to become a health coach, helping over 200 people across different states embark on their own transformative journeys. She discusses her evolving relationship with food, the role of exercise in her routine, and the importance of staying hydrated. She also talks about the power of setting meaningful goals and finding intrinsic motivation to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Here are some key takeaways from this episode:

  • The importance of shifting from short-term diets to a long-term lifestyle change. Developing a strong “why” and viewing health as a continuous journey fosters lasting success.
  • Small, sustainable changes in eating habits led to significant results.
  • Finding an exercise routine that suits your preferences and incorporating accountability measures can help develop consistency.
  • The importance of ongoing support and adapting to different life stages. Maintaining health requires flexibility and dedication, whether through coaching, accountability, or adjusting habits during special occasions.

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