Money can’t buy love, but it can certainly start some spicy debates between you and your better half. In this episode, we’re digging into the financial face-offs that make Monopoly fights look like child’s play and exploring some money minefields that can test even the most solid relationships. Listen in as we explore how to resolve some of the most common financial sources of tension between couples in retirement.

From risk tolerance in investments to retirement age, legacy planning, desired lifestyles and managing finances, we’ll discuss some areas where couples commonly disagree on financial decisions. Discover how emotions, past experiences, and differing viewpoints affect financial decisions and get an inside look at how financial advisors like Lee navigate resolving tension and finding compromise.

Here’s what we’ll discuss in this episode:

  • Disagreeing on risk tolerance in your portfolio. (4:10)
  • Figuring out what age to retire. (6:43)
  • Being on the same page about legacy planning in second marriages. (11:01)
  • Determining your retirement lifestyle as a couple. (13:24)
  • How are you going to handle financial management in retirement? (16:19)

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