Celebrate the spirit of the month with our latest episode as we tackle the concept of financial independence. While the American colonists fought for freedom from British rule, Lee is here to discuss what you’re striving to be independent from in your retirement. We’ll unveil the common foes you’ll face on the journey. And good news, no muskets required for these battles!


Tune in as Lee explains the importance of being financially prepared so that you can make decisions based on choice rather than obligation in retirement. We’ll discuss having flexibility with long-term care and living decisions, going into retirement with little or no debt and more. Tune in to learn more about winning your financial independence!


Here’s what we’ll discuss in this episode:

  • Avoiding being too dependent on the government in retirement. (2:38)
  • Not having to rely on financial support from your children in retirement. (5:40)
  • Independence from creditors- going into retirement with little or no debt. (8:40)

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