Is the TSP, also known as the Thrift Savings Plan, truly the greatest investment platform of all time? There are a lot of people that would answer yes to this question, so in today’s episode, we’ll explore any potential shortcomings it may have. Specifically, we will dive into a recent conversation between Lee and a client who had their funds in a TSP.

Undoubtedly, one notable advantage of TSPs is their minimal fees. However, it is essential to consider what additional benefits they provide. Do they offer guidance on which accounts to withdraw from, effectively minimizing tax burdens and handling Social Security benefits? Join us as Lee reflects on some advantages of receiving personalized planning advice and the difference it can make for your financial future.

Here’s what we’ll discuss in this episode:

  • A recent phone call with a federal employee that led to today’s show topic + a brief breakdown of TSPs. (1:01)
  • Why would you move money from a TSP to an IRA? (5:36)
  • The value of an RIA and fee transparency. (8:18)
  • The benefit of having personalized planning advice. (12:06)

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