Artificial intelligence has made massive improvements lately, impacting almost every industry. There has been a lot of chatter about this taking over the financial sector as well. So, is artificial intelligence good or bad for the advisor world? We’ll talk about this and more on today’s show.

In this episode, Lee will reflect on his recent experience at McDonald’s, where an employee was able to help him with an ordering issue. He will reflect on the impact of human interaction in this scenario and discuss the benefits of working with someone who gets to know you and your situation personally. Join us as we weigh some pros and cons of the rapidly changing world of technology and talk about the benefit of friendly, consistent service.

Here’s what we’ll discuss in this episode:

  • Technology has advanced tremendously. (1:48)
  • Lee’s recent experience at McDonald’s. (4:37)
  • The impact of human interaction in a world of artificial intelligence. (7:41)
  • Is artificial intelligence good or bad in the advising world? (10:46)
  • The impact of friendly, consistent service. (13:33)

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