We work with some tremendous savers who worked hard and sacrificed to build a nest egg, and that mindset isn’t easy to move away from. Many of those same savers are afraid to spend their own money once they’ve reached retirement.

So what can you do to embrace that mindset shift? We’ll share a recent conversation we had about this and discuss some ways you can address the problem.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why is this struggle to spend money a little more prevalent in recent years? 1:03
  • What happens to your mindset when you retire? 3:40
  • Why remaining disciplined with your investment strategy will help you do better over the long-term. 7:14
  • How we perceive value when it’s our money versus when the money comes from someone else. 10:35
  • What can you do to give yourself confidence to spend money in retirement? 13:45

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