Do you ever feel like your retirement planning goals are always moving? You’re not alone. We’ve found that people often move the goalposts in their own retirement planning, often to their detriment. In this episode, we’re diving deep into the psychology of retirement planning and the dangers of moving the goalposts.

Having a plan and setting goals throughout your retirement planning journey is important. Oftentimes, it is tempting to push those goalposts back as life throws unexpected circumstances your way. Join Lee today as we discuss how moving your goalposts may not be the best strategy for retiring when you planned.

Here are some of the topics we will cover in this episode:

  • Holding onto excess cash and not investing it could mean giving up on potential earnings. 2:15
  • Procrastinating with investing is an easy trap: “There’s always going to be a reason to keep you from saving money.” 5:40
  • The danger of waiting to reach a specific number in your investment account before reducing risks. 10:06
  • How procrastinating retirement planning could have you working longer than you originally planned. 13:19

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