Experience matters with a lot of things in life, and investing is no different. But even if you’ve been saving your money and investing for a long time it’s easy to make rookie mistakes.

In this episode, we’ll cover some of the top rookie mistakes we see people make, and illustrate how to avoid them or how to fix them if you’ve already made some mistakes in your financial life. Plus, we’ll tell you about a recent trip we made to the golf course that included a hole-in-one.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How investing without a purpose becomes a problem. (3:26)
  • Why we often find that people don’t know how much risk they have in their portfolio. (6:45)
  • Emotions are one of the major causes for investment failure. (11:48)
  • Are people being transparent with their ‘hot tips’? (15:39)
  • There are fees associated with investing and you need to be aware of this. (18:40)

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