We all have likes and dislikes. As we get older, many of us find more and more things we tend to not be a big fan of, and it can be easy to fall into a negativity trap.

With that in mind, I decided to spend some time thinking about the things I am a big fan of. In this episode, I will be sharing some of my favorite things with you, some financial, and some not. As you listen, try to make a list of your own!

Here is some of what you’ll learn on this show:

  • Plan ahead of time so you retire while you can enjoy it. (2:13)
  • Let’s talk trucks. (4:20)
  • Why you shouldn’t check your retirement accounts daily. (10:29)
  • Three of my favorite Christmas movies. (12:44)

Hopefully, you’ll pick up on something during this episode that you didn’t know about before, but if you have questions about anything we discussed on the show, please reach out. We’ll be happy to talk to you about your financial situation.