Wednesday, Dec. 15th

Meet My Firm

One of the things I like most about the Christmas season is being able to spend time with friends and family. We were made to be social creatures and interact with other people. And when we have the choice, who do we like to be with? You guessed it…people we like.

Today is a great example of what I am talking about. Today is Cake Day at our office and we will have over 50 families stop by today and pick up a free pound cake and enjoy refreshments. No agenda, no speeches, just people hanging out and having fellowship with others.

I also know that there are times we are in a group setting and we are forced to be around folks we don’t particularly like being around, but we tolerate it. Many of you work with people that you don’t particularly like, but you didn’t get to choose that. When you retire, you can choose who you hang out with.

I played pickleball with a lady last week who moved to the Villages in Florida a few years ago. She and her husband absolutely love it. She said there are tons of people from all over the country and each of them have settled into their own group of friends. She has her pickleball buddies, he has his golf and softball buddies, and they have couple friends that they hang out with regularly. They have chosen their social network with people they like. Guess who they don’t spend time with? People they don’t really like or don’t have much in common with.

It’s a natural thing that we all do. We gravitate towards those folks we like being around.

I have done the same thing at our firm. We are very selective about who we choose to work with. The number one criteria we use is how likeable is the person. If they are not pleasant to be around with, then we won’t work with.

We also want to work with people who really need our help and value the advice we give. As we discuss things, if there is no level of anxiety or if they no problems, I likely can’t add value.

So how do we add value? We do a lot of different things and have helped hundreds of families successfully prepare for and navigate retirement. Their needs and challenges change almost every year. Things come up all the time and we are there for our clients to make sure they are prepared.

In 2021 we had the largest number of referrals from our clients. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for this. There are advisors out there who never get referrals so we are very blessed! Thank you!

Some of these folks became clients and some weren’t a good fit for what we do. We also realize it can be difficult for you to know if we can help someone or not. Personal finance is such a private matter that sometimes it is a difficult subject to discuss. We wanted to make it as easy as we possibly can.

I recorded a short video and posted it at This video explains what we do and who we do it for. I also explain what we don’t do.

If you talk to someone and you think they could benefit from the type of planning we do, just tell them to go to this site, watch the video and let them decide if they want to reach out to us. That’s it! You don’t have to know any of their business and they don’t have to know anything about yours.

I would encourage you to watch this video as well because it is likely that we have clients who don’t know everything we do.

In 2022, there will be more people than ever leaving the workforce and we want to make sure we are there to help those who are a good fit, successfully transition to the next phase of their life.

As always we thank you for the trust you’ve placed in our firm and please call us when you need us.