I know many of you are aware of this situation, but I wanted to make everyone else aware so you can add this to your prayer list. On Saturday afternoon, a family that we have known for quite some time experienced an unimaginable event. David and Stacey Bethune were vacationing with their 2 kids, Walker and Alex at a beach in Florida. Walker was struck by lightning at about 4pm. David administered CPR until medics arrived. He was placed on life support and air lifted to a hospital in Miami. He remains there and is still in critical condition.

I’ve known the Bethune’s for about 10 years and they are a super sweet family. I coached Walker in little league baseball and David helped out on that team as well. Walker is an outstanding young man and I believe God still has big plans for him. We are asking for prayers for Walker from as many people as possible. Walker had 2 cardiac arrests and suffered damage to his kidneys. Please pray for this family and Walker’s recovery. A Caring Bridge site has been set up so folks can stay informed of his progress.


Tax Talk

Taxes continue to be one of the primary concerns for many of our clients. Governmental spending has been out of control for a long time and there’s no end in sight. Paying taxes now at a known rate vs. paying later at an unknown rate makes sense for a lot of folks.

The best way for us to help determine if a conversion of some type makes sense is to review your tax return. We’ve had many people send us tax returns for that purpose in the last few months. This makes it easier to make a recommendation because we are able to see the impact on the tax return for the following year.

I just wanted to remind folks that we have a new secure upload portal on our website. You can access the portal on our homepage, or visit: https://myretirementclarity.com/secure-file-upload/

If you do upload a tax return, we’ll confirm that we have received it and we’ll review it prior to your next review meeting. If there is something pressing you want to discuss, please let our office staff know.


As many of you get back to normal travel, we’d love to see great pictures of some of the places you’ve been. If you have pictures you are willing to share, please upload those pictures through the secure portal as well. We would love to add a section in our client email that highlights some of the great places that our clients have traveled to!

Have a wonderful week and thanks for the trust you’ve placed in our firm!